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10 Cool Gadgets That Make Great Gifts

Choosing gifts is not a easy decision to make. Gadgets as gifts have always been a great choice. Out there are many cool gadgets that will help you wow anyone with your gift-giving abilities. To make the task of giving gifts super cool and useful, we have made a list of some cool gadgets here. Check this out before buying one!

Self-watering planter

To keep plants alive you need to water them, make sure they get plenty of sunlight, and the rest will be taken care by themselves. Unfortunately, it is not so easy. The amount required water varies from one plan to another. Self-watering planters ensures that your photosynthesizing friends get just the right amount of water.Again, if you’re the forgetful type, and can’t remember to water your plants, self-watering planters is there to save you too.

Self-watering planter; Image Source:

self-watering planters also help to retain the nutrients in the soil. When the access water flow out from the drainage holes in the bottom of a normal container, it takes along the nitrogen, phosphorous, and other minerals that plants need to grow, when you water plants from above. But with self-watering planters, due to their closed environment, those nutrients are captured in the reservoir so that plants can absorb them.

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3D printing pen

3D printing pen is amazing! It lets you to create a 3D printed art with high precision. Most of the 3D printing pens allow you to adjust the material flow and control temperature settings to optimize your printing experience via an OLED display screen.

3D printing pen; Image Source:

These pens use ABS or PLA plastic filament as the printing material. The pen pushes the material slowly outward like a glue gun as a melting glue toward a thin metal tip that operates as a pen tip, on the paper. Within a few seconds the emitted material cools and hardens, forming into the desired 3D shape.

You can buy plenty of them from here.

Smart water bottle

Drinking enough water helps all of your organs function properly, helps to make one’s skin glow and does so many things. Smart water bottle is like having a hydration coach which helps to know the right amount of fluids to drink each day. These help you to develop healthier activities. They will give you a reminder to drink water and celebrate when a daily goal is met.

Smart water bottle; Image Source:

To calculate precisely how water do you need to consume per day, most of them integrates with your daily health apps, taking all activities and other factors into account. Good wattle bottles last up to a month on a full charge.

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Bose audio sunglasses

Bose audio sunglasses allow their wearer to listen music without any headphone. It is mainly a gadget that combines your sunglasses with headphones by building speakers that are pointed towards your ears. So you’re able to keep your ears and head free of any headphones but still being able to listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks.

Bose audio sunglasses; Image Source:

Bose has included this headphone functionality inside the body of a fairly stylish pair of sunglasses. The design is so incredible that the average person wouldn’t even realize these are smart audiowear in it at all.

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Laser Scissors

If you can’t cut in a straight line because your hands are not steady, laser scissors are there for you. They have an attached laser to guide you a cut line. Most of the scissors have adjustable laser with screws, allowing you to aim wherever you want it!

Laser Scissor; Image Source:

This gadget is good for sewing, crafting and gift warping. You can buy them from here.

Shake-n-Wake alarm clock

It is a wearable alarm clock that vibrates until its user wakes up. By default the alarm is silent which is nice for anyone else who sleeps in the same room. It also has options to turn on sounds for the extremely heavy sleepers.

Shake-n-Wake alarm clock; Image Source:

For people who have hearing problems, waking up without alarm and attending early appointments must be a horror story. This product is a life changer for them.

You can easily purchase them from here.

Temperature controlled mug

Cold coffee is awesome when you ordered them or made them in that way. Hot coffee being cold is never enjoyable. If you want to keep your hot coffee hot, a temperature controlled mug is what you need right now!

Temperature controlled mug; Image Source:

This mug can also be integrated with your mobile app. Using the buttons which are in the exterior of the mug or using app, you can adjust the temperature. The current temperature will be visible through the LCD display of the mug or in your mobile app.

You can purchase them from here.

Solar USB charger

Solar USB charger is best for the travelers. We all use portable charger when we travel. These portable chargers are handy, except when they run out of power.

Solar USB charger; Image Source:

You can charge it as the traditional chargers, also it has three to four solar panels. A single charge gives you up to nine days of usage using the solar panels with the chargers having four solar panels.

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Portable humidifier

Moisture, or water vapour, is an extremely important constituent of the atmosphere. This little device can turn a glass or bottle of water into humidifier, letting you add moisture to almost any environment you move into.

Portable humidifier; Image Source:

To use it, fill a bottle or glass with purified water, place the humidifier into the opening, making sure the filter is submerged and plug the humidifier into a USB port. To turn it off, unplug the USB post.

You can buy many of them from here.

Mini Projector

using mini projector is like bringing theater experience in your home or any place you go. This device connects to your phone or tablet and projects video onto whatever surface you choose.

Mini projector; Image Source:

This device is small and easy enough for the kids to use even when while camping and travelling. You can buy them from here.

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