5 Best Mini Projectors of 2019

Picture yourself at a park being the coolest person around because you brought a projector for all your friends to enjoy. You can watch movies, play back old footage from a vacation, or even show off a PowerPoint presentation. If you’re looking for the best portable projectors that you can buy in 2019 to become the coolest of your gang, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find some of our top picks of mini projectors.

Anker Nebula Capsule

The first thing you’ll notice when you take Nebula Capsule out of its box is its design. It’s about the size of a drinks can, with a series of controls on the top, and a micro USB port, HDMI port and speaker on the side, along with the lens and a keystone correction control. The projector runs Android 7.1 which made it look a little like Android TV. 

You will get a remote to control it. There are directional buttons, selection buttons, volume controls, and a power button in the remote. The remote also has a mouse button, which displays a cursor on the screen that you can control.

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This projector supports a display size of up to 100 inches, which isn’t bad. Of course, at that distance, things like resolution and brightness suffer, so you probably won’t want to go that large if you don’t need to. The resolution comes in at 854 x 480, which is not Full HD quality but video playback still looks fantastic.

The projector has a built-in speaker so you will be surprised to see that the speaker can get pretty loud for such a small device.

Under the hood, the projector features a 5,200mAh battery, which is able to power the projector for around four hours.

Apeman Mini Portable Video DLP Pocket Projector

The Apeman Mini Portable Video DLP Pocket Projector is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It is 3.86*3.86*0.85 inches and lightweight (0.44 lbs). It supports 1080p HDMI input and has a built-in rechargeable battery which makes it 100% portable. It also can be powered from a battery pack. It also includes built-in stereo speakers and a tripod mount that allows for 360° placement.

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It has advanced DLP technology which provides 70% brighter and 50% sharper image. The picture quality is full HD 1080P with 1000:1 contrast ratio and 854*480 native resolution. Within the distance between 1-4m, It can achieve 30″ to 100″ big display screen size.

Its built-in stereo dual speakers provide you with the best audio-visual feast. It has 120 minutes of battery life courtesy of a 3400mAh battery.

Elephas 1200 lumens LED mini portable projector

Elephas Mini Video Projector is small size and light weight that can be taken to anywhere you want conveniently. You can adjust the picture size from 50″ – 130″, you can get the best at 100″. Projection distance from 4.95 – 13.12 ft, which is best at 7.2 ft. It provides a 800 x 480 native resolution with a contrast of 1000:1. It can scale up to full HD, but you’ll lose some quality as its not the native resolution. Of course a darker place with high reflective surface, a better home entertainment experience.

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The built-in speaker is a nice feature and good to have, but in all honesty, I would stick to a portable speaker connected via the 3.5mm audio jack. When turned on, the Elephas 1200 lumens LED mini portable projector is surprisingly silent, despite having a fan for cooling purposes, which is fantastic.

ZTE Spro 2 Mini projector

The ZTE SPro 2 is a portable and powerful projector that runs Android, and even though the price point may seem quite steep, this device does what it is designed to do extremely well. The build material of this device is mostly metal, with the bottom of the device being the exception, and weighs a little over a pound.

The display on top has been given a nice bump in size and resolution, with it now being a 5-inch panel with a 720p resolution, with a pixel density of 293 ppi. It has large battery of 6,300 mAh.

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ZTE Spro 2 Mini projector; Image source:

For audio, an internal speaker is found at the bottom of the device that does get very loud and with more clarity than expected from a single speaker. But to get a better sound quality, option may still be to use headphones or external speakers than can be connected via the headphone jack or Bluetooth.

BenQ HT2050A

Looking for a projector that can keep up with your gaming needs? The BenQ HT2050A boasts powerful visual specs and smooth lag-free processing. This projector is well suited for small spaces, capable of producing a 100-inch long screen from just 2.5 meters away. The BenQ features 1080p resolution and is compatible with 3D video. With a brightness of 2,200 lumens and a contrast ratio of 15,000:1, the BenQ showcases vibrant colors that are comparable to the best HD TVs.

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BenQ HT2050A mini projector; Image Source:

Additionally, it boasts a high level of responsiveness with a low input lag (16ms) that delivers an ultra-smooth gaming experience. The BenQ HT2050A comes equipped with a plethora of inputs and outputs, including 2 HDMI audio-outputs, a 3D Sync port, and a 12V trigger. It can connect to most major gaming consoles.

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