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5 Best Smart Glasses of 2019

If you are a movie freak, you have definitely seen actors wearing some smart goggles that make them see more than what their naked eyes can see. Watching those scenes a question may arise in your mind whether such a technology does exist or not. The answer is YES, it exists!

Smart Glasses are computer supported sunglasses that display more information than your naked eyes can see. These Smart Glasses ability is not limited to only playing audio and video files, they have also managed to incorporate future technologies such as the Augmented Reality Technology and the Optical Head-Mounted Display (OHMD).

If you are planning to buy a smart glass no matter for what purpose, have a look in this article. We are going to discuss some of the best smart glasses that you can consider.

Vuzix Blade

They are identical in appearance to any regular piece of eyewear and do not look like screaming “Look at me, I’m technology” like other smart glasses. Vuzix Blades are the best smart glasses available in the market right now.

Vuzix Blade smart glass; Image Source:

It is powered by Augmented Reality (AR). It has an 8MP front-facing camera that is capable of recording Full HD (1080p) videos. Moreover the camera can be controlled via touch pad gestures. It is the first smart glass to come with Alexa (Amazon’s virtual assistant). It is possible to issue voice commands to Alexa as it has integrated microphones within it. You can handle calls as well as texts, control music playback, check calendar schedule, look up travel directions, watch videos on the move, and more. It can project all mobile notifications right in front of your eyes as it is possible to par it with your iOS or Android phone using Wifi and Bluetooth.

The smart glasses have built-in rechargeable batteries. They are available in a two lens options, such as prescription lenses and photochromic lenses.

TechKen Sunglasses

In most of the cases you will find smart glasses with advanced features like Augmented Reality (AR) quite expensive. If you want something affordable and budget friendly, TechKen might be your right choice.

TechKen Sunglass; Image Source:

It has a headset mounted on a frame, and each of the earbuds can be independently adjusted via a hydraulic telescopic lever. This headset let you listen to music and handle calls effortlessly. You will also see couple of buttons placed on one of the arms of the glasses which you can use to adjust the volume and pair the glasses via Bluetooth to other devices. It can pair with not just your smartphone, but also desktops, laptops, and tablets.

TechKen sunglasses come with a rechargeable battery that can easily go on for a few hours on a single charge. You can also get it in polarized lenses that protect the wearer’s eyes.

Gogloo E6 Camera Sunglasses

It you are looking for a smart glass which is perfect for recording videos, Gogloo E6 Camera Sunglasses is the right choice for you. due to the improved camera of today’s smartphones, people keep shooting more videos than ever before instead of enjoying the very moments they are always trying to record. Gogloo E6 Camera Sunglasses makes to able to both enjoy and record the specialmoments at a same time!

Gogloo E6 Camera Sunglass; Image Source:

These smart glasses come with an integrated 10MP camera which is capable of recording Full HD (1080p) videos. The 110-degree wide-angle camera captures more area in each frame, resulting in better point of view (POV) videos. It’s complemented by dual stereo microphones which results in loud and clear audio capture.

To start recording, just put them on and click a button. The glasses are lightweight, comfortable, and durable. They are also designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

You will get the glasses with polarized lenses. It also has a 16GB memory card, a microUSB cable, and a card reader. Their built-in battery is claimed to offer up to 90 minutes of recording on a single charge.

Snap Spectacles 2.0

If you are a fan of the popular Snapchat app, buying this smart glass may be a right choice for you. Snap Spectacles 2.0 lets you share your photos and video directly to the Snapchat app. Though it would be better if we could send those straight to the camera roll.

Snap Spectacles 2.0; Image Source:

You can easily understand whether someone wearing this glass is trying to film you as the lights will be turned on. These glasses are cheap and very much handy. They are also water resistant. They are really helpful when you’re doing something special, like vacationing, and you just want your smartphones to get out of the way so you can enjoy that beautiful view as well as capture them too.

The glasses also charge in a case that’s smaller than the first version of Snap Spectacles had.

Epson Moverio BT-300FPV

Drones have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. It does not seem that much fun watching the real-time aerial footage on the tiny display of your smartphone of the drone. Meet the Epson Moverio BT-300FPV, which is best for drone control.

Epson Moverio BT-300FPV smart glass; Image Source:

This smart glass allow you to see exactly what your drone sees. It does not only let you view a drone’s video feed, but also monitor its key flight statistics. A 5MP front-facing camera records Full HD (1080p) footage of the drone from the pilot’s point of view. It is considered as the world’s lightest Si-OLED powered binocular smart glass.

For connectivity, it uses WiFi, Bluetooth and also GPS. Both the glasses and controller come with a compass, a gyroscope, and an accelerometer. It includes in it Android 5.1 and includes a lot of pre-installed applications, such as a browser, calculator, and Moverio app market.

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