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Apple is Combining ‘Find My iPhone’ and ‘Find My Friends’ to a New Unified App with Additional Feature to Locate Non-Apple Devices

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Apple never fails to amaze its users with new inventions and additional features. Now reportedly working to combine it’s two popular tracking apps ‘Find My iPhone’ and ‘Find My Friends’ into a single unified app according to a report from the Apple news site 9to5Mac. The report also mentioned that this unified app whose code name is “Green Torch”, includes an improved ability to find user’s devices. It looks like Tile is about to get some competition.

With ‘Find My iPhone’ app, previously it was possible to locate any stolen or lost Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch, or AirPods. It had three features in it. To find device, you need to sign in at or any other devices ‘Find My iPhone’ app.

Using that, you can observe the device’s location and you could buzz sound on your device to locate it. If it’s not within your reach, you could put it on ‘Lost Mode’ or could delete all the data within it. All these will be included in the new unified app.

Apples "Find My iPhone" app

Apples ‘Find My iPhone’ app; Image Source:

Apples’ ‘Find My Friends is used to share location. You can share location with someone or can see others locations who already shared it with you, no matter in where they are. It is very useful when you are at concert or travelling in a group, everybody can see where everybody is located so you don’t have to call or text them.

It is really handy when it comes to safety. You can keep track of someone you’re worried about. Besides, when a friend is sharing their location with a user, they will receive notifications for when his/her friend arrives or leaves a specific location. These will also available on the new app.

 Apples "Find My Friends" app

Apples’ ‘Find My Friends’ app; Image Source:

For many years, it was Apples target to invent something which will help to apply the features of ‘Find My iPhone’ app to non-Apple devices. Its new feature, called ‘Find Network’, allows devices to be tracked even when not connected to Wi-Fi or to a cellular network.

For this feature, Apple is working on producing a hardware, code-named B389, which will work as a tag that can be attached to any item. This tag like hardware will be paired with iPhone. It seems that it is similar to the popular Tile Bluetooth Tracker. When the attached device goes out of range of Bluetooth, the Tile Bluetooth Tracker creates a Tile community.

When the lost attached device passes by any activated Tile tracker, that Tile tracker will send you its last seen location. This is how you can track down where the lost device is now. Similar feature is also there on Apples tracking device. You can store your contact information in the tag. When the tag is attached and is put on ‘Lost Mode’, any passing Apple device will read it and send a notification to the owner of the tag telling its location.

This is how a user can find lost item when it is out of range. That’s a clever way for Apple to take advantage of its enormous number of active devices to create a crowd-sourced tracking-and-finding network that helps its users find any lost item with the help of the tag.

The Tile Bluetooth Tracker

The Tile Bluetooth Tracker; Image Source:

So, is the Apples new tag is just similar to Tiles tracker? No, of course not. Apples’ tag has some additional features which Tile tracker does not have. The additional feature is about giving notifications to absent-minded people who leave behind their important things here and there.

Users will get notification if their mobile device get too far from the tag, ensuring that the user don’t forget about their tagged devices. Users will also be able to configure locations to be ignored, means that if they add a location as ignored location, they won’t get any notification if they leave the device there. The location of a tag can also be shared with friends or family.

To date, the Tile company has sold 24 million Tiles, which now connect to 4 million items daily with a 90 percent success rate, which is a great success of its own community-find feature. A competitive product from Apple is expected to give a tough competition to it. No release date was provided for Apple’s new tracker, but it is expected that it could be announced as early as this September.


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