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Best Home Security Systems of 2019: DIY Systems, Professional Monitoring and More

Increasing burglary is giving severe headache to the homeowners now a days. This is the reason why homeowners are turning to home-based security systems that can help prevent crime. It’s not just about trying to deter opportunists, but also making sure that even determined burglars will have difficulty forcing their way into your home without being caught.

The goal of a home security system is to provide peace of mind. Achieving this goal is easier than ever because of the increasing new wireless technologies and smartphones. But there is no one-size-fits-all solution to home security. Every system has its advantages, design constraints, cost, level of service and limitations. Yet, there are key differences between one security system and another, based on those we’ve picked our top choices that could best meet your needs and budget.


SimpliSafe is a competitively priced, easy-to-install home security system that comes with alarm monitoring, sirens, and a number of sensors to detect movement, flooding, fires, and many other natural disasters. There are many other companies to provide this type of one-hub-that-does-everything model, but SimpliSafe is one of the few to offer an alarming monitoring service along with it. This is very useful if you want to protect an apartment or smaller home.

The SimpliSafe security kit; Image Source:

You aren’t bound to any long term contract with the company, you can start and stop the monthly service at any time. The company offers a starter package called The Foundation, which sells for $229. You’ll get a $14.99 Standard monthly plan, but to get the most desirable remote functions you’ll need the Interactive plan, a $24.99 monthly subscription.


If you are ready to compromise the price with high-quality equipment then Frontpoint may able to drag your attention. It has two plans, plan including cameras, as well as a camera-only plan which is very rare in other companies.

The Frontpoint security kit; Image Source:

Frontpoint sells four cameras, including two indoor, one outdoor and a doorbell camera. The basic indoor camera has night vision up to 20 feet and two-way audio which will cost you $99.99. Whereas the premium indoor camera will cost you $199.99 as it adds a Bluetooth speaker, an echo-cancelling microphone, advanced pan and tilt features, and the ability to initiate an audio call via the mobile app. The night vision range of the premium indoor camera is up to 40 feet, which is the double of the basic camera. For those who want more advance features, the $189.99 doorbell camera is there also. It provides a live feed day and night, as well as the option to hear and speak to visitors with two-way audio. It also sends alerts if there is activity around the door, even if no one presses the doorbell. All these cameras are Wi-Fi-enabled and motion and alarm activated.

Nest Secure:

Starter kit includes Nest Guard, two key fobs, two door or window sensors, and mounting hardware. The best part is that the Nest Guard has three modes – Off, Home and Guarding, and Away and Guarding. The Off mode is basically for the time when yo are at home and don’t need any monitoring. In this mode the system won’t monitor whether or not doors and windows are being opened and closed, won’t give notifications for movement.

The Nest Secure door guard; Image Source:

In Home and Guarding mode, the device will monitor doors and windows, and sound the alarm when they’re opened or closed. This is handy for use at night. In Away and Guarding mode, as well as monitoring motion and buzzing alarm when something is detected, it will also send you an additional notification as well. As you can imagine, this mode should be used when no one is home. It comes with a $399 price tag which won’t seem expensive if you consider its benefits.

Ring Alarm:

The Ring Alarm Security Kit uses motion detectors with some smart sensors that send mobile alerts when triggered. It allows you to monitor everything from your phone or tablet through the Ring app. You can even operate it using Amazon’s Alexa as it allows you integrate it with other security devices from other brands. It is possible for you to add more sensors to track movement like window opening. You can also merge Ring’s doorbells or outdoor security cameras for more comprehensive security. 

Ring Alarm security kit; Image Source:

The standard Alarm Security Kit is priced at just $199 and doesn’t require a service subscription to use. If compared, you’ll find that it is cheaper than most competitors. The basic kit comes with a base station, keypad, contact sensor, motion detector and range extender. You can buy additional components individually to extend your protection.

Nest Hello:

You don’t always need an entire security system for your home. You may want to keep an eye on activity at your front door. In this case, you might consider installing a video doorbell to keep watch.

The Nest Hello doorbell; Image Source:

Nest’s stylish video doorbell is a smart doorbell having features like person detection and geofencing. You can also upgrade to the Nest Aware cloud subscription service to enable facial recognition and access to saved recordings. This doorbell not only works with Nest’s smart home ecosystem but also Google, Alexa and IFTTT.

Ring Smart Lighting:

Most experts agree that exterior lighting can actually help deter a burglary. So if you’re looking for smart lights, choosing this device is the right choice for you. Ring’s mix of motion-activated outdoor smart lights offers a lot of versatility for the outside of your home. They feature their own built-in motion sensor that can trigger one of your lights, some of your lights or all of your lights to turn on whenever they detect any motion. If you want, you can also add Ring camera with it to start recording from the moment it senses any motion.

Ring Smart Lighting system with integrated sensors; Image Source:

A starter kit with two Path-lights and the Ring Bridge retails for $80. Compared to others it is not too expensive to buy in. Ring says that solar-powered versions are in process and soon you will get to buy that too!


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