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Improve your fitness with the top most health and fitness apps for both Android and ios

Our smartphones, we’re told, are ruining our lives. No doubt you may have already heard that our smartphones are ruining our lives causing us to become anxious, depressed and also giving us bent backs. But it’s not the phones themselves that are the problem, so much as how we use them. 

A whole category of health and fitness apps are there in your smartphones to help make you fitter, stronger, leaner, healthier and more relaxed than ever before. With the right selection of apps and a little discipline, it can be as powerful a workout companion as a dedicated trainer.

You don’t need to spend your hard-earned cash on some expensive exercise gadget or gym membership; Image Source: John Academy

So you see, you don’t need to spend your hard-earned cash on some expensive exercise gadget or gym membership when you’ve already got a smartphone stowed in your pocket.

Here are our top picks for the best fitness and health apps available, which will help you to motivate by becoming your trainer and nutritionist at the same time, whether you’re searching for Android or iOS apps.


running is a great way to help improve cardio health. It also burns calories and build strength in us. There are so many psychological benefits one can earn from running. The Runkeeper app can ease your running exercise.

The Runkeeper app; Image Source:

It uses your phone’s GPS transceiver to log your running pace and distance on various routes in real-time. You can also set a goal pace. After you set a goal pace, the app will give you audio updates to stay on track to maintain the goal. You can also set up a personalized routine, join a running group, share your progress, take on challenges with rewards, and a whole lot more than that.


Nike Training Club

This app is for you you are not a big fan of running but want to keep yourself fit by doing workout. Nike Training Club offers hundreds of 15- to 45-minute workouts which are created by Nike Master Trainers and led by Nike Pro Athletes.

The Nike Training Club App; Image Source:

You need to provide the app your own personal fitness goals and the app will provide you with detailed suggestions based on that. It helps you to properly execute each exercise by showing explanatory photos and video demonstrations, all of which are stored directly within the app for added convenience when offline.



It isn’t easy but difficult to stay motivated during runs. Aaptiv is there to motivate you. It is an audio-based guide that would be with you every step of the way. This workout app is best for those who learn from hearing, also who needs constant motivation during the workout session.

The Aaptiv app; Image Source:

New classes show up every week in the app. Pick the type of workout you want, the kind of music you like and then narrow your options down by how much time you have for the workout session. Whether you’re traveling and need an exercise without any weights, or need some motivation on your next long run, Aaptiv is there for you.


Asana Rebel:

There is nothing new to tell about yoga as we all know how much important is for a sound healthy life. Yoga is a practice that connects the body, breath, and mind. It uses physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to improve overall health. Have you tried it yet or got confused by all the different styles like Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa and all?

the Asana Rebel app; Image Source:

Asana Rebel is the yoga and fitness app for anyone who wants to get fit, lose weight, and start a healthy lifestyle. Asana Rebel’s yoga-inspired fitness combines all traditional yoga practices with exercises like burpees, mountain climbers and LOTS of planks. All you need to do is to choose a category of yoga flow like strength, fatburn, or flexibility to match your mood and energy level and then get started right away with it.



This app is a fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and fitness requirements. using AI, it becomes your trainer. It develops a personalized plan based on your past workouts that’ll push your limits based on your goals, preferences, struggles, and available gym equipment.

The Fitbod app; Image Source:

It guides you step-by-step through each exercise when you go to gym or want to start your lifting exercise by telling you about weight, reps and sets. It may even adjusts the workout according to muscles you want to target and your recovery state. So you do not need a personal trainer if have this app on your phone.



Having a personal trainer and nutritionist is all we desire to keep ourselves sound and healthy. It is like having a personal trainer and nutritionist wrapped in one. Based on your goals, your current stats and your fine-grained preferences, it creates custom exercise and meal plans.

The 8fit app; Image Source:

It actually combines High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and yoga workouts designed to be done anywhere, anytime with nutritious meal plans customized specific ingredients. It will ask you like how many weekly workouts you can handle, how many meals you want per day, how much variety you require in a diet, and how you prefer to meal prep and then it creates step-by-step plan to keep you fit and healthy at the same time.


Sleep Cycle:

Getting quality sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health.
A lack of sleep at night can make you cranky the next day. Not only that, it is now scientifically proven that poor sleep is strongly linked to weight gain. To make you realize what is the ‘quality sleep’ is for you, the app Sleep Cycle is there for you. It is both a sleep analyzer and a smart alarm clock itself.

The Sleep Cycle app interface; Image Source:

The app uses your phone’s accelerometer to monitor and record your movement and quality of sleep. You can define the time when you want to wake up. When morning approaches, it uses sleep cycle theory to determine when you are in light sleep within your defined time and wakes you up, rather than deep sleep, so that you may feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead.



It’s easy to suffer both mentally and physically as we may have to balance our fitness goals and a busy home and work life. This is why it’s so important to clear your mind regularly to keep going strong make a balance between mind and body. Meditation may help in this case. It balances the body’s system.

The meditation app Headspace; Image Source:

Headspace offers structured, beginner-friendly meditation courses that range from 3 to 30 mins sessions, with built-in reminders and tracking to help you stay on track. As we all know that meditation can reduce stress, improve focus and can help sleep better, it will help to work more efficiently and be a more patient, mindful person.


Lose It:

The main idea behind is to eat less and lose weight. You need to tell the app how much weight you want to shed, enter your height, weight, age. You then input what food you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. It then gives you a daily dose of calories to achieve that goal.

The Lose It app interface; Image Source:

It also has cool bar code scanners. This makes it much easier to monitor what you’re eating. If the app gives to start your day with 2,000 calories, the number starts to go down, as you eat. But if you go on an hour walk, you will get a bonus 300 calories which is enough for a few more apples. This is how it works!

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