The Best Wireless Charger to Buy Right Now in 2019

Your phone will work just fine with the wired charger it comes with, but a wireless charger makes charging your phone as simple as putting it down on a surface, perfect for a desk or nightstand. It’s a small change, but one that definitely makes your life easier.

If you are on the verge of buying a wireless charger but feeling confused, read the full article to get idea about our chosen 5 top most wireless chargers.

RavPower Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad

RavPower is one of the more popular charging accessory companies around. It has made a lot of wireless chargers and RavPower’s Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad is one of them which is still the best charger out there you can buy.

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It is possible for you to charge both phones and accessories like smartwatches or wireless headphones, including Apple’s recently released AirPod case as the RavPower Fast Charge is a flat pad. In terms of design, it’s still one of the nicest chargers. It has a solid metal case that won’t slide around your desk or nightstand. It does only feature a single coil, though, so you’ll want to make sure you place your device precisely when charging.

In terms of performance, this charger outputs up to 10W of power which is enough for regular speed charging (typically 5W), Samsung’s 9W quick-charging, and Apple’s own 7.5W iteration. It is also light weighted charger weighing only 136g.

TwelveSouth Hirise Wireless

Don’t you think that your mobile deserves a premium charging stand as you prefer paying more for your mobile phone than your last TV? Twelvesouth Hirise Wireless is designed to display and charge today’s premium mobile phones. This stand is made of heavy, polished metal to prevent it from sliding around and the base of the stand is topped with soft leather to cushion the bottom of your phone.

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TwelveSouth Hirise Wireless charger; Image Source:

The biggest advantage is that it supports your phone upright and facing you – instead of flat, facing the ceiling. So you can always keep an eye on incoming messages and all kind of notifications.

At a first glance it may look like a standard wireless charging stand at first glance, but the central portion, the Power Disc, can actually pop out to give you a portable wireless charger that you can take away with you.

To power it, you plug in the supplied, 1.5 meter, USB-C to USB-A cable, and there’s a groove in the stand to keep it in place. This charger also outputs up to 10W of power.

Choetech Charging Stand

Choetech Charging Stand allows you to place your phone in either landscape or portrait modes. There is an LED strip at the base of the charger which works as an indicator and tells you what mode it is in. When it glows blue, it means the wireless charger is in standby mode. When it glows green, it means your phone is charging.

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Choetech Charging Stand; Image Source:

For compatible devices the charging rate is 10-watts. Considering the design, it is also a pretty cool charger. The design involves two coils, which means it has a much wider charging area than expected. Place your phone in landscape or portrait position and it will still charge.

This wireless charger also features charging and temperature protection, due to the clever circuitry in the device. It has anti-slip rubber feet for more stability.

Pitaka Air Trio

If you’re an Apple product user, then Pitaka Air Trio could be the wireless charging pad of your dreams. It is mainly designed to wirelessly charge your iPhone and Apple Watch. You can also charge your iPad via a wired connection as well through this charger. It won’t be sliding off your nightstand as it is a heavy charger of 1,008g, crafted from bullet-proof aramid fiber and shining zinc alloy.

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Pitaka Air Trio charger; Image Source:

Air Trio is a triple charger that can charge an Apple Watch, a device with wireless charging and a larger device with USB-C that can be adjusted up or down with the dial on the side. On the right side of the device you will find a button which releases the Apple Watch charger allowing it to slowly rise to a vertical position.

The USB-C port can give output of 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12v/1.5A. The Apple Watch charger can give output of 5V/1A. And finally the Wireless charger can give output upto 10w.

Seneo Charging Stand

Seneo Charging Stand has already satisfied 2 million customers proving itself a really good wireless charger. As with most chargers, the Seneo has two modes, 5- and 10-watts.

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Seneo Charging Stand; Image Source:

The 10-watt mode is for the Samsung Galaxy suite of phones and tablets. That includes the S6 onwards and the Note 5 onwards. The exact list is on their page. That of course leaves the lower, 5-watt mode for iPhones, including the 8, the 8 Plus, and the X. They compare their 5-watt charger to some of the 7.5-watt chargers that are on the market.

It comes with all the standard features. It’s Qi-certified, so it’s compatible with both Samsung and iPhone phones. It has temperature protection, voltage protection, short circuit protection, etc.

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